A second outbreak of Queensland fruit fly has been declared in South Australia’s Riverland, following the discovery of larvae in Monash.
A 15 kilometre suspension area has been established around the detection point and quarantine restrictions apply either partially or entirely in the following areas – Barmera, Berri, Bookpurnong, Bugle Hut, Calperum Station, Cobdogla, Gerard, Glossop, Gurra Gurra, Hawks Nest Station, Katarapko, Kingston on Murray, Loveday, Lyrup, Monash, Moorook, Old Calperum, Overland Corner, Pike River, Renmark South, Renmark West, Spectacle Lake and Winkie.
In addition, a 1.5 kilometre outbreak area has been set up covering parts of Monash and Glossop.
Restrictions now apply to growers, packers, retailers, wholesalers and residents located within the Monash outbreak and suspension areas, and those transiting these areas, regarding the movement of fruit fly host produce. Wineries receiving fruit from the Monash outbreak or suspension areas must also comply with requirements that will be put in place.
Grapes are considered fruit fly host produce.
Further details explaining the restrictions and impacts resulting from the outbreak declaration are available on PIRSA’s website, including maps of the Renmark West and Monash outbreaks.  For maps showing vineyards on Vinehealth’s Register within the Monash outbreak and suspension areas, click here and for the previous Renmark West outbreak, click here.
At this stage, if no further wild flies or larvae are detected, it is anticipated the quarantine zone for the Monash fruit fly outbreak will remain in place until at least 22 March 2021. The quarantine arrangements for the Renmark fruit fly outbreak are in place until at least 15 March 2021.
Given that restrictions will still be in place when harvest commences in January 2021, quarantine requirements for the movement of grapes within, out of and transiting through the outbreak or suspension areas for both the Renmark West and Monash fruit fly outbreaks will need to be complied with. Click here to view a Biosecurity Bulletin which outlines these requirements.
For those vineyards that fall in both the Renmark West and Monash suspension areas (where the circles overlap on this map), you will need to follow quarantine requirements to the later date of at least 22 March 2021.
While fruit fly free status has been temporarily suspended across the two suspension areas as a result, this declaration has no impact on the fruit fly free status for the rest of the Riverland Pest Free Area or the State.
As advised for the Renmark West outbreak declared last week, the State Government has immediately commenced an eradication program to eliminate fruit flies from this new outbreak area and nearby surrounds.
If you reside in either the Monash or Renmark West quarantine areas, please help eradicate the pest by:

  • Not moving fruit or vegetables off your property (or giving it away).
  • Clean your backyard of all ripe fruit or fruiting vegetables and those lying on the ground.
  • If you find maggots in your fruit or vegetables – please call the 24hr Fruit Fly Hotline on 1300 666 010.
  • Do not keep backyard fruit trees unless you are actively managing them.

Please contact the dedicated phone number – 1800 255 556 – that has been established to assist industry with any queries relating to what they need to do to comply with requirements for the movement of grapes within, out of or transiting through the Renmark West and Monash outbreak and suspension areas.
For general (non-commercial) enquiries please contact the Fruit Fly Hotline on 1300 666 010.
Vinehealth Australia will continue to work alongside PIRSA and Riverland Wine to support eradication programs and assist industry to comply with requirements.