If you are a business consigning empty used grape bins or bulk tippers into South Australia from a Phylloxera Exclusion Zone, we remind you that the amnesty on requiring documentation to accompany these consignments no longer applies.

Interstate consignors

From vintage 2021, these consignments will be checked at South Australian border crossings for approved documentation – either a Plant Health Certificate (PHC) or a Plant Health Assurance Certificate (PHAC) proving their origin and cleanliness from soil and plant material.

Where the consigning business is expecting to consign multiple loads in a year, there is the option to obtain accreditation from the sending state’s biosecurity department to help self-manage the meeting of SA’s entry requirements.

SA importers

South Australian-based importers of any regulated items including used grape bins and bulk tippers under the state’s Plant Quarantine Standard are required to:

  • Register with PIRSA Biosecurity SA as an importer; and
  • Ensure your imported items are direct inspected and cleared on arrival for onward entry into SA – either by a PIRSA Biosecurity Officer, or by any IVCA accredited business. This clearance is mandatory and penalties apply for failing to comply.


Importation into South Australia of empty used grape bins or bulk tippers consigned from an interstate business located in a Phylloxera Risk Zone, Phylloxera Infested Zone or Phylloxera Interim Buffer Zone involves a mandatory sterilisation step. A PHAC is not an accepted form of certification for loads of this origin.


For further detail, refer to Vinehealth Australia’s Industry Notice ‘Importation of empty used grape bins or bulk tippers into SA’ dated 1 December 2020.

We strongly advise you to contact the PIRSA Market Access team on 08 8207 7814 to discuss the options available to you for meeting all entry requirements.