South Australian vineyard owners: keep an eye on your mailbox – your 2020 Vineyard Record will be issued shortly by Vinehealth Australia for you to check, amend and return to us.

An up to date Register enables Vinehealth Australia to work with industry to prepare for and prevent an outbreak of a significant pest or disease.

In the unfortunate event of a significant pest or disease outbreak, the Register is vital in ensuring we can quickly contact vineyard owners with information and instructions. This will help minimise impacts of the pest or disease on vineyard owners and the broader industry.

In addition, the levy notice you will receive in May 2021 will be based on planting information held in the Register, so it’s important that the information is accurate so that your levy is calculated correctly.

You can amend your records via the Grape Industry Kiosk, or via the Annual Return form, which can be emailed or posted back to us.

For more information, click here to read about the Register or click here to view a handy user guide for the Grape Industry Kiosk.