Effective tomorrow (21 July 2020), the new consolidated phylloxera condition (Condition 7) in South Australia’s Plant Quarantine Standard (PQS) Version 17.0 will apply. We remind industry to be aware of the updated movement conditions and be ready to comply.

Key changes as a result of a Vinehealth Australia-led review can be found here and include the following:

  • Steam as a sterilisation treatment method for all machinery or equipment being imported into SA is now prohibited;
  • The entry of used netting, trellis posts, vine guards, dripper tube, wire and clips into SA is now prohibited;
  • The entry of winegrapes grown in a Phylloxera Risk Zone (PRZ) into SA is now prohibited;
  • Alignment of entry requirements for equipment from a PRZ with tougher standards applicable for equipment from a Phylloxera Infested Zone (PIZ) and Phylloxera Interim Buffer Zone (PIBZ); and
  • Alignment of entry requirements for grape marc, with that of winegrapes.

This review of SA’s PQS included an extensive 12 month consultation with the viticulture industry, involving more than 150 stakeholders at 39 meetings covering 10 viticultural regions or zones across the state. 

We encourage all members of the viticulture industry to familiarise themselves with the changes in Version 17 of SA’s PQS, to assess the impacts to their businesses, to communicate relevant changes to their supply chains, and to implement changes to their operations now, to ensure compliance.

You can access a copy of the now current Version 17 of SA’s PQS on the Biosecurity SA website here.

As always, if you have any queries on the new SA PQS, please contact us at Vinehealth Australia on (08) 8273 0550.