On Saturday 21st December 2019, Vinehealth Australia will turn 120 years old. It’s an important milestone and we’d like to thank you for your support.

The Phylloxera Board was established by an act of Parliament in 1899 to safeguard South Australian vines from the advancing threat of phylloxera. We have some visionary South Australian winemakers, including Thomas Hardy, William Patrick Auld, Herman Büring and Benno Seppelt, to thank for setting up the systems that have kept South Australian vines phylloxera free, despite increasing infestations in other parts of Australia and the world.

While prevention of phylloxera remains a core focus, Vinehealth Australia is committed to the prevention of all exotic pests, diseases and weeds that could damage the South Australian wine industry.

It’s a huge job and we couldn’t do with without the support of the growers and winemakers of South Australia who inspire and motivate us. Thank you.

We also want to thank all those individuals who have invested time, ideas and energy on the Vinehealth Board over our 120 years. In particular, we want to thank our current board Chair Prue McMichael and former Chair Roseanne Healy.

So, this year, while you’re enjoying a Christmas drink, raise a glass to the organisation that has been working hard to protect grapevines in South Australia since before we were all born.

Here’s to 120 of service. And here’s to keeping South Australian vineyards healthy for many more years to come.