If you’re wondering where to start with biosecurity activities on your property to help protect your vines from the entry and spread of pests, diseases and weeds, you’re not alone.

We’ve produced a range of materials over the past three years to raise your awareness of specific biosecurity issues, and we’re continuing to work hard to help you convert this awareness into action on your property.

We have created a six step process to help you identify your key biosecurity risks and how to appropriately address them on-farm. The ultimate aim is the biosecurity activities you undertake become embedded in your every day practices.

These six key steps are:

  1. Understand the impact a significant pest incursion could have on your business;
  2. Quantify the value of your business and what it means to you;
  3. Be aware of the pests and diseases most likely to cause significant harm and where to report anything unusual;
  4. Identify who creates the biosecurity risk associated with your property;
  5. Identify the key pathways for pests, diseases and weeds to enter your property; and
  6. Implement practical steps to minimise the risk of a pest or disease incursion for each risk pathway.

To read about the importance of each of these steps and tips on how to address them, click here.