The team at Vinehealth Australia often receives requests for assistance from growers, others across the supply chain and the wider community by phone and email.

Questions and requests cover a range of topics and we provide tailored and timely assistance. We have reviewed our ‘job log’, as we call it, and have found some interesting trends.

We have seen a rapid rise in the sheer number of enquiries over the last three financial years, with a 194% increase in logged jobs between FY17 (70 enquiries) and FY19 (206 enquiries). This does not include the many other calls we receive regarding settlements, payments, keeping grower details current on the vineyard register, sales of signs or disinfestation kits and any enquiries made directly to our Communications Manager.

“We are on track for another busy year, having logged almost 100 jobs after only the first five months of financial year 2020,” said Inca Lee, Vinehealth Australia CEO.

“We think this rise in enquiries is related to both our specialist biosecurity capabilities, strong focus on customer service and our increased communication and awareness activities, raising general awareness of what we do and can offer industry.”

 We welcome your questions. Phone us on (08) 8273 0550 or email