Are you thinking about planting or replanting a section of your vineyard to rootstock as part of a risk management strategy to combat phylloxera or nematodes? Or perhaps improving drought or acid soil tolerance?

If you are having trouble narrowing down the appropriate rootstocks for your particular site, try the recently updated Wine Australia Grapevine Rootstock Selector tool.

Using this tool, you can enter specific details about your site and the tool will narrow down a list of rootstocks deemed most appropriate for your site conditions. You can then consider this list along with the variety you wish to plant and consult your nursery or vine improvement association for further assistance.

The rootstock selector tool has been thoroughly revised, with specific characteristics of each rootstock updated from scientific research undertaken in Australia and overseas. In addition, it now includes more information on the level of phylloxera resistance of the rootstocks to a range of endemic strains.

Access the rootstock selector tool here