SA vineyard owners: we sent you your annual vineyard record return at the end of last year, for you to check and update if necessary. Maintaining accuracy of the information on the Vineyard Register is a requirement of all land owners in South Australia with 0.5 hectares or more of vines. Below, we tell you why the Vineyard Register is important, and give you some tips to help you complete your return.

What is the Vineyard Register?

Vinehealth Australia is required under the Phylloxera and Grape Industry Act 1995 (Act) to maintain a complete and accurate register of vineyards in South Australia, for the protection of SA’s wine industry. Information is stored on the Vineyard Register and use of this register is subject to a strict confidentiality policy.

An up to date Vineyard Register enables Vinehealth Australia to work with industry to prepare for and effectively manage an outbreak of a significant pest or disease, such as phylloxera. In the unfortunate event of an outbreak, the Vineyard Register is vital in ensuring we can quickly contact vineyard owners with relevant information or instructions. This will help manage and minimise potential impacts on vineyard owners and the broader industry. Recent examples where the Vineyard Register has been deployed, include the Grapevine Pinot gris virus incursion, the Loxton fruit fly outbreak and assistance with managing prescribed burns.

A person or organisation who owns land in SA with 0.5 hectares or more of planted vines (registered Land Owner) is required by law to provide Vinehealth Australia with an accurate Vineyard Record, containing contact and planting details, which are entered into the Vineyard Register. Penalties apply for non-compliance with this requirement. Vinehealth Australia must be notified within three months of any changes made to contact or planting details including area (hectares).

The Vineyard Register contains electronic versions of individual vineyard maps, as well as details of plantings, varieties, hectares, rootstocks, locations and ownership and can be updated at any time.
Information stored in the Vineyard Register is protected by the Act and cannot be shared with anyone other than the registered land owner, without prior written authorisation by the land owner.

What is the annual vineyard record return?

Each year, Vinehealth Australia asks owners to review and update their information contained within the Vineyard Register, including contact and planting details. To assist owners to fulfil this obligation, Vinehealth Australia sends the annual vineyard record return to all vineyard owners via hard copy or electronic copy dependant on the preference of each owner. The return can be completed online via the Grape Industry Kiosk accessed on the Vinehealth Australia website, by filling in the hard copy form, or by making a call to our office on (08) 8273 0550.

Changes made to records via the Grape Industry Kiosk can only be accepted by Vinehealth Australia once the changes have been SUBMITTED. An automatically generated confirmation email is sent to you once changes have been successfully submitted. If you do not receive this confirmation email it means your changes are still pending and will not be accepted. Please refer to the troubleshooting guide for further information.

Each owner has full access to their records and can amend them at any time. It is important to know that the owner details must reflect the details held by the Land Titles Office.

An owner can appoint, in writing, an operator and/or administrator who can access the vineyard records and amend them if required on the owner’s behalf. The accuracy of the information remains the responsibility of the owner. Each user will have a unique login ID and password. Any changes are recorded and submitted for final approval by Vinehealth Australia.

Please see the ‘Guide to the Grape Industry Kiosk‘ and the ‘Submitting Records Troubleshooting Guide’ for tips on amending information.

As always, please give our Office Manager, Jo Bainbridge a call on (08) 8273 0550 if you have any queries.