Have you just signed up for Vinehealth Australia’s e-news? If so, you missed our vintage-focussed January issue! In that issue, we released our one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about vintage biosecurity.

Please read this content and familiarise yourself with the important detail. It will heighten your awareness of biosecurity and what activities you should be undertaking in practice, and help you to get started on the right path with some simple tools to become biosecurity-ready.

Our vintage toolkit covers topics such as:

  • Top 10 farm-gate hygiene risks for your business;
  • What information to provide to international staff before they come to Australia and what to tell them when they land;
  • Help in interpreting the South Australian Plant Quarantine Standard requirements for moving winegrapes, grape products, machinery, equipment or diagnostic samples into SA;
  • Requirements for Direct Inspections of machinery and equipment moving into South Australia; and
  • The controlled conditions you need to apply when considering allowing visitors (including contract labour hire gangs, suppliers and researchers) down your vine rows.

Click here to access the toolkit.