Have you seen the new Healthy Vines adverts that are appearing in selected regional Visitor Guides this year?

The ads, which carry the same messaging and design as the Wine Tourism Biosecurity Signs developed for our Responsible Visitation Campaign, are running in the Fleurieu Peninsula, Adelaide, Adelaide Hills, Barossa and Clare guides. We aim to run the ads in all wine region guides in 2018/19.

As well as the ads, which include English and Mandarin messages about protecting vines from pests and diseases, the general wine industry biosecurity text has been updated in all SA visitor guides and now says:

Keep our vines and wines safe

South Australia has some of the oldest winegrape vines in the world. Your shoes and clothing can pick up and spread pests and diseases, including phylloxera. Please don’t walk amongst our vines. Help protect the vines that make our special wines. For more information about vineyard biosecurity visit vinehealth.com.au

We encourage you to include this messaging in your own marketing materials. If you’d like to chat about wine tourism biosecurity, phone us on (08) 8273 0550.