A group of enthusiastic growers in Langhorne Creek examined best-practice farm-gate hygiene at a recent pre-season field day, organised by Lian Jaensch, Executive Officer at Langhorne Creek Grape & Wine Inc.

The event aimed to raise awareness of biosecurity issues and demonstrate simple processes for disinfesting footwear and clothing in the fight against phylloxera and other pest and disease threats.

“Sixty seconds standing in a footbath seems like a long time but taking it two by two and having a good chat passed the time,” Lian said.

Growers donned blue onesies before heading into the field. Lian said the process gave growers a good appreciation of the benefits of prevention. “It was all taken with good humour, cooperation and a dose of reality,” she said.

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Growers learning about biosecurity while participating in a field day in Langhorne Creek. Photo courtesy Lian Jaensch.