Vinehealth Australia is working on a new Digital Biosecurity Platform to replace its existing Vineyard Register.

The Vineyard Register was designed for a less complex threat environment, and a new system is needed to meet the evolving biosecurity needs of growers.

“Our current Vineyard Register belongs to a previous generation of computing, driven by client-server database systems and requiring human intervention in many elements of data management,” says Vinehealth Australia CEO Inca Pearce.

“Vinehealth Australia’s new Digital Biosecurity Platform will assist in safeguarding Australia’s $40.2 billion wine industry against local and global biosecurity threats.”

The platform presents three opportunities. It will:

  • Provide our wine and grape industries with the advanced technology they need to meet serious, and increasing, biosecurity threats.
  • Allow the Australian wine industry to keep pace with rapidly evolving external biosecurity tools and systems.
  • Position the Australia wine industry as a clear global leader in the biosecurity field through the establishment of a world’s-best-practice benchmark – strengthening and substantiating our valuable ‘clean and green’ reputation, and providing powerful leverage in international markets.

We will share more information about the new Digital Biosecurity Platform in future newsletters.