Vinehealth Australia has appointed a new chief executive officer and elected a new presiding member.

New chief executive officer, Inca Pearce, has been acting in the role since February and has extensive experience across the wine and viticulture sectors, including 17 years in senior roles at Pernod Ricard Winemakers.

Her experience, credentials and commitment to the industry make her well qualified to lead Vinehealth Australia and to oversee the implementation of the agency’s five-year strategic plan. She has taken over from Alan Nankivell who left in February.

Ms Pearce’s appointment follows a national search and coincides with the election of Marc Allgrove as Vinehealth Australia’s new presiding member to replace Ben Gibson who is heading overseas.

Mr Allgrove said Ms Pearce brought considerable depth of experience to the role to ensure Vinehealth Australia succeeds in delivering a professional and robust biosecurity program for the future.

“Vinehealth Australia has a long history of keeping the South Australian wine industry safe from pests and diseases and it’s important that we strive to ensure this continues through developing, advocating and leading a national approach to biosecurity,” he said.
Ms Pearce joined Vinehealth Australia in late 2014 as manager of projects and communications.

She was a viticulturist at Pernod Ricard Winemakers and progressed to senior roles across the supply chain focused on process improvements, new product development and ensuring brand integrity.

“With the roll-out of our five-year strategic plan this is an important period for Vinehealth Australia and how we support growers and the broader wine industry,” said Ms Pearce.

“I’m looking forward to working with growers and transforming the way in which biosecurity and vine health knowledge and services are delivered to them and industry.”

Mr Allgrove, a partner at Evans + Ayers, has over 20 years’ experience in the Australian wine industry, representing small and large producers, and holding roles with several industry associations.

He was appointed to the Vinehealth Australia board in 2013 and his industry and commercial experience have contributed significantly to the development of the agency’s strategic plan.