A simple tool to help you understand the legal requirements of moving selected vectors between selected locations

To prevent the spread of phylloxera from infested areas, each state has legislation (laws) and associated regulations which restrict or prohibit the movement of “phylloxera risk vectors” – ie things that could carry phylloxera. These include grapevine material, grape products, machinery and equipment. Each state has slightly different legislation. Anyone wishing to move any risk products between states MUST comply with the legislation of the destination state.

As a coordinated approach to biosecurity, Vinehealth Australia identified an opportunity to assist state governments to communicate these legal requirements, initiating the building of a simple and easy to use online ‘winegrape biosecurity legislation’ tool. This tool will help users by outlining the legal requirements associated with the movement of a chosen vector, such as ‘harvester’, once ‘from’ and ‘to’ locations are identified. In addition, contact details and electronic links are provided to assist users to complete required biosecurity documentation.

Vinehealth Australia feels this tool has the potential to raise the awareness and understanding of legal requirements and, thus, improve compliance with these requirements among users of the tool.

Vinehealth Australia is working closely with state government departments to ensure this tool remains current.

We currently have a working portion below, outlining the legal requirements associated with the movement of all Phylloxera vectors into South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and Northern Territory.

For state regulator contact details and plant quarantine standards, refer here.

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