Project name: National Phylloxera Management Strategy

Project collaborators: Joint industry/government project team led by Vinehealth Australia

Project objectives: To develop a national management strategy for phylloxera.

Project start: 2020/2021

Project description

In an attempt to curb the continued spread and impact of phylloxera in Australia, Vinehealth Australia is leading a joint industry/government project team to develop a national management strategy for phylloxera.

This multi-year project will direct government and industry activity on all aspects of phylloxera management across the biosecurity continuum of preparedness, prevention, response and recovery.

Components of the strategy are expected to include the following:

  • Current knowledge on phylloxera and research gaps and priorities;
  • Review of current quarantine zones and how they are applied;
  • Movement protocols and disinfestation procedures;
  • Incursion management;
  • Maintenance of area freedom;
  • Phylloxera Management Zone upgrade procedure;
  • Surveillance procedures;
  • Best-practice farm-gate hygiene; and
  • Communications and extension.