Image courtesy Joseph M. DiTomaso, University of California – Davis,

Common name: Salvation Jane

Scientific name: Echiium plantagineum

Status in South Australia: Declared under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004

Salvation Jane is an erect, annual ornamental plant with purple flowers, reaching about 60cm high and poses a particular poisoning threat to horses.

This weed was introduced to Australia from Europe. It grows on a wide range of soil, reproduces by seed and is commonly spread via contaminated hay and grain, livestock droppings and machinery, and birds. Some seeds remain dormant in the soil for up to five years and cultivation appears to stimulate germination. Mowing or grazing the flowering plants encourages new shoots that will flower out of season.

Declaration status in SA

  •  Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges region: Declared – must be controlled, banned from sale
  •  SA Murray-Darling Basin region: Declared – banned from sale
  •  South East region: Declared – contain spread

Further Information

Download the Natural Resources Adelaide & Mount Lofty Ranges Salvation Jane factsheet.