Our functions and services

We provide a range of important functions as the statutory authority operating under the Phylloxera and Grape Industry Act 1995, with legislative powers in South Australia. As part of our role, Vinehealth Australia is a regulator and key staff including the board are biosecurity officers in South Australia with powers to enforce the Plant Health Act (2009).

Vinehealth Australia is a key enabler for the South Australian wine industry; we are a conduit to facilitate discussions, raise awareness, provide best practice advice and policy support. Vinehealth is paid a contribution by every vineyard owner with 0.5Ha or more undervine in the state, to protect vineyards from pests and diseases. Vinehealth’s functions are set out below.

In addition to these functions, Vinehealth Australia offers a suite of services including mapping, workshops and risk assessments/planning. Contact us at or phone (08) 8273 0550 to find out more.


Vinehealth Australia Key Functions:


Vinehealth has a clear mandate to undertake its functions with its powers set out in the Act. We recognise that pests and diseases don’t respect state borders, hence we work nationally, alongside and collaborating with interstate government and industry counterparts to minimise exotic and significant endemic biosecurity risks to South Australian growers and the wine industry.