Viticulture Industry Biosecurity Plan

The Industry Biosecurity Plan for the Viticulture Industry is a document which provides a framework for biosecurity risk mitigation measures (including exclusion, eradication and control) from risks imposed by exotic organisms.

The current version was published in 2009 and was intended to be reviewed on a three-four year basis. The document was coordinated by Plant Health Australia and developed through a partnership approach using government and industry resources and expertise.

Key steps in the development of the Viticulture IBP included:
– identifying and documenting key threats to the viticulture industry
– developing an agreed plant pest threat priority list
– undertaking and documenting appropriate pest risk assessments
– developing an industry risk mitigation plan
– developing a generic incursion response plan
– developing pest-specific contingency plans for high priority pests
– agreeing on, and documenting the roles and responsibilities of stakeholder groups
– developing appropriate communication and consultation strategies
– developing a review strategy.

Plant Health Australia in collaboration with the viticulture industries will commence a review of this plan in 2018.

The Biosecurity Manual for the Viticulture Industry was published in 2013 as a high level pictorial reference document for the industry out of the Industry Biosecurity Plan for the Viticulture Industry. Importantly it contains factsheets of some high priority exotic and endemic plant pests to the Viticulture Industry.

The ‘high’ risk ratings were assigned based on:
– likelihood of entry, establishment and spread
– likely impacts on cost of production, productivity, removal of quarantine barriers and market access
– relative difficulty of control and/or eradication