Checklist & Protocols

Vinehealth Australia is continuing to update a number of farm-gate hygiene checklists and protocols for growers and other wine industry personnel to ensure greater awareness and adoption of best practice and effectiveness of disinfestation activities:

Farm-gate hygiene

  • Awareness of best practice farm-gate hygiene can stop the spread of pests and diseases, including phylloxera. We have compiled a top ten list of practices here that will ensure you do your bit to keep your own vines as well as our industry, safe.

Vintage biosecurity best practice

  • Vintage is a key risk time for pest and disease spread, due to the high movement of machinery, equipment and workers between regions and states. For a range of biosecurity activities you should be undertaking during vintage, click here.

General biosecurity checklists for growers, contractors and cellar door managers

  • Vinehealth Australia has developed a series of checklists that summarise the main steps that growers/vineyard managers, contractors and cellar door sales managers should take to protect their vineyards, their customers and their regions from phylloxera.