Fifty-one Queensland fruit fly (Q-fly) outbreaks are currently being managed in South Australia’s Riverland by PIRSA as below.

Outbreak nameDeclaration date
Barmera B4 March 2024
New Residence B16 February 2024
Bookpurnong B16 February 2024
Loveday9 January 2024
Murtho D20 December 2023
Lyrup B18 December 2023
Glossop B19 October 2023
Cooltong C7 September 2023
Chaffey B14 June 2023
Cooltong B17 May 2023
Renmark West B9 May 2023
Cadell B13 April 2023
Waikerie D5 April 2023
Waikerie C4 April 2023
Sunlands3 April 2023
Cooltong29 March 2023
New Residence28 March 2023
Winkie C21 March 2023
Winkie B20 March 2023
Cadell15 March 2023
Murtho C10 March 2023
Winkie2 March 2023
Lyrup1 March 2023
Chaffey15 February 2023
Swan Reach1 February 2023
Waikerie (B) 31 January 2023
Overland Corner25 January 2023
Murtho (B)25 January 2023
Loxton North (E)19 January 2023
Barmera18 January 2023
Glossop13 January 2023
Berri (A)10 January 2023
Bookpurnong10 January 2023
Monash (B)5 January 2023
Monash (A)30 December 2022
Monash North4 November 2022
Lindsay Point (Victoria)24 August 2022
Loxton North (D)27 July 2022
Renmark South27 June 2022
Renmark8 June 2022
Murtho13 May 2022
Loxton North (C)11 May 2022
Loxton North (B)11 May 2022
Renmark North2 May 2022
Waikerie13 April 2022
Paringa13 April 2022
Loxton North (A)1 April 2022
Loxton22 March 2022
Pike River West17 March 2022
Pike River6 March 2021
Renmark West22 December 2020

The earliest anticipated reinstatement date for all outbreaks above is 23 December 2024. PIRSA’s current management of the fruit fly outbreaks in the combined suspension areas (implementation of Scenario 1) will likely impact reinstatement dates, with the likelihood that an entire 12-month period without detections must elapse before outbreak restrictions can be lifted.

For each outbreak, a 1.5 km Outbreak Area and a 15 km Suspension Area around each detection point have been zoned. Collectively the Outbreak Area and Suspension Area is known as the “Fruit Fly Affected Area” (FFAA).

For additional information from PIRSA relating to these Riverland fruit fly outbreaks, refer here.

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  • For the latest Riverland fruit fly outbreak boundaries, we refer you to PIRSA’s interactive map of the Riverland Fruit Fly Affected Area, click here.


PIRSA and Vinehealth Australia have prepared a range of fruit fly-related articles relevant to businesses sending or receiving winegrapes for vintage 2024:


  • We understand that there is a lot of detail regarding movement requirements for winegrapes within the Riverland Outbreak and Suspension Areas, so we highly encourage you to contact PIRSA’s Fruit Fly Response Market Access team on 1800 255 556 (or email MarketAccessRenmark.AASLocal@sa.gov.au) to discuss all available options that are relevant for your business, and if you have table grapes.
  • For all other market access queries, contact PIRSA’s Plant Health Operations Market Access hotline on 08 8207 7814.