A requirement of the Phylloxera & Grape Industry Act 1995 is that the Registered Landowner must be recorded in the Vinehealth Register as the Owner. But if the vineyard is leased to another party, what needs to be done?

While the vineyard must remain under the Registered Landowner’s name in the Vinehealth Australia Register, in a lease arrangement, the Owner can provide Vinehealth with written authorisation to list the lessee as the Operator, and for the Annual Notice of Assessment to be sent to the Operator if they are the party responsible for paying the Vinehealth contribution.

It is important to ensure that the agreement put in place by the registered Owner and Operator clearly outlines the responsibility of all related vineyard costs including the Vinehealth contribution.

Ultimately, the liability falls to the Registered Landowner if the Vinehealth contribution is not paid. We advise Owners to ensure they are aware of the balance of their account. Owners are authorised to request account information directly from Vinehealth.

Planting records can also be reviewed and updated by an authorised Operator in a lease agreement, but it remains the responsibility of the Owner to ensure the information is correct. Planting changes to the vineyard are required to be reported to Vinehealth within three months of occurring.

Any changes to a lease agreement should be communicated to Vinehealth as soon as possible. The team at Vinehealth is always happy to assist. Phone us on (08) 8273 0550.