As vintage comes to a close, this fruit fly update is envisaged to be our second to last of the 2022/23 growing season, where we provide a summary of the changes to fruit fly boundaries since the previous month’s update.

There are now 40 Queensland fruit fly (Qfly) outbreaks being managed by PIRSA in the Riverland. Since our update in March, eight new outbreaks have been declared and a number of outbreak boundaries extended.

The earliest possible quarantine release date has extended to 14 December 2023. As advised previously, given the current fruit fly management arrangement, an entire 12-month period without detections must elapse before outbreak restrictions can be lifted.

New Qfly outbreaks declared by PIRSA since Vinehealth’s March 2023 update are:

  • ‘Winkie B’ – declared by PIRSA 20 March
  • ‘Winkie C’ – declared by PIRSA 21 March
  • ‘New Residence’ – declared by PIRSA 28 March
  • ‘Cooltong’ – declared by PIRSA 29 March
  • ‘Sunlands’ – declared by PIRSA 3 April
  • ‘Waikerie C’ – declared by PIRSA 4 April
  • ‘Waikerie D’ – declared by PIRSA 5 April
  • ‘Cadell B’ – declared by PIRSA 13 April

Vinehealth continues to assist industry and PIRSA around fruit fly by:

  • Communicating new outbreaks or boundary extensions to impacted vineyard owners and industry shortly after notification by PIRSA.
  • Maintaining a range of current fruit fly maps on our website to help you visualise the current fruit fly affected areas.
  • Attending weekly briefings from PIRSA.
  • Providing intel back to PIRSA on the fruit fly response that is communicated directly to Vinehealth Australia by industry.