Vinehealth Australia would like to update industry in relation to the current RiverlandQueensland Fruit Fly (Qfly) outbreak:

  • PIRSA advised today of another detection of a wild Qfly in the suspension area where the Renmark West and Pike River fruit fly affected areas (FFAA) overlap in the Riverland.
  • This detection, close to the current Pike River Outbreak Area, has resulted in a new extension of the anticipated date for lifting of movement restrictions and reinstatement of fruit fly freedom for both the existing Pike River and Renmark West outbreaks, to 16 May 2022.
  • For a map showing vineyards on Vinehealth’s Register within the current Riverland FFAA, refer here. Note that the existing outbreak and suspension area boundaries for Pike River and Renmark West have not changed as a result of this new fruit fly detection.

The recent extension of this reinstatement date from 6 May 2022 to 16 May 2022 is unlikely to significantly impact the wine industry, given the timing of vintage 2022. From now until the end of October 2022, Vinehealth will post any further updates on changes to the reinstatement date for the existing Pike River and Renmark West outbreaks on our website, rather than through Biosecurity Alerts.

However, we will notify industry via a Biosecurity Alert of any new fruit fly outbreaks in the state, as well as extensions to the boundaries of any current fruit fly outbreaks.

Vinehealth continues to support PIRSA in their fruit fly eradication efforts. We urge all Riverland residents to continue to act with good biosecurity conscience and strongly encourage the wine industry throughout the remainder of harvest to adhere to all movement requirements in this Biosecurity Bulletin with respect to the Pike River and Renmark West outbreaks, including consigning all winegrape loads to prevent spillage.


To report suspected fruit fly, phone the Fruit Fly Hotline on 1300 666 010.

PIRSA advises industry of the availability of mentoring services:

  • Fruit fly impacted growers can have an informal, confidential and independent conversation with a local Riverland Family and Business (FaB) mentor – by phone, or in person.
  • PIRSA’s trained local mentors work closely with other service providers such as Rural Financial Counselling and local health networks, as needed.
  • Find a FaB by calling the PIRSA Recovery Hotline 1800 931 314 or visit


Biosecurity Alert: Riverland fruit fly outbreak date extension