Vinehealth would like to inform industry of two important points in relation to the Riverland Queensland Fruit Fly (Qfly) outbreak:

  1. PIRSA has confirmed the successful eradication of Qfly from Monash, Berri and Cooltong.

As a result, all restrictions relating to the movement of winegrapes within, out of and through these fruit fly affected areas, have now been lifted, effective 27 December 2021.

  • PIRSA has confirmed new detections of Qfly within the existing Pike River outbreak located in the Riverland.

These detections have extended the anticipated date for lifting of movement restrictions and reinstatement of fruit fly freedom for both the existing Pike River and Renmark West outbreaks, to 13 March 2022.

For a map showing vineyards on Vinehealth’s Register within the revised Riverland fruit fly affected area (FFAA) that now only encompasses Renmark West and Pike River, refer here. Note that the outbreak and suspension area boundaries for these two areas have not changed as a result of these new detections.

In light of the extension to the date for lifting of movement restrictions to the 13 March  2022 for the Renmark West and Pike River areas, Vinehealth encourages you to review this Biosecurity Bulletin now, and determine actions you need to take in preparation for the upcoming vintage.

Vinehealth Australia will continue to work with PIRSA and Riverland Wine to understand what extension activities are required to best assist growers and winemakers through vintage 2022.


  • For all queries related to the Biosecurity Bulletin, and/or for assistance in determining which part of the FFAA (if any) your business is in, contact Vinehealth Australia’s Technical Manager Suzanne McLoughlin on 0412 859 882 or email
  • For all queries related to the application of accreditations and certification within a FFAA, contact the PIRSA Industry Hotline on 1800 255 556.
  • If you are applying for pre-emptive accreditation and/or have associated queries, contact PIRSA Market Access on 08 8207 7814.
  • To report suspected fruit fly and for non-commercial enquiries, phone the Fruit Fly Hotline on 1300 666 010.


Biosecurity Alert: Riverland fruit fly outbreak status update