Each year, Vinehealth Australia provides all registered South Australian vineyard owners the opportunity to review and amend the details held on the Register via the annual Vineyard Record Return.

Your annual Vineyard Record Return has recently been posted to you and your response is due by 31 January 2022. You have been supplied with a Reply Paid (free postage) envelope to assist.

This process is to ensure that, as a registered vineyard owner, you can fulfill your obligations outlined in the Phylloxera and Grape Industry Act 1995, being that your contact and planting details are up to date and accurate. In accordance with the Act, changes must be notified to Vinehealth within three months.

When reviewing your Vineyard Record, we’d like you to check that:

  • The contact details are correct: we need the full name of the owner/director, mobile and email. If there is an authorised person to view/amend planting records (operator or vineyard manager), please ensure that person’s details are listed correctly in the Operator section.
  • Planting details are accurate, focusing on:
    • plantings by variety
    • the ‘total areas of vineyards’ – this is what will be used for calculating your Notice of Assessment as at April 30 2022 (at the rate of $9.50 per hectare). Please do not wait until you are invoiced to update your planting records.

If there are no changes to your Vineyard Record, please let us know this too. You can confirm ‘no changes’ by email, phone or Reply Paid post, or by using the Register Kiosk to confirm ‘no changes’.

Have you conducted any topworking?

If yes, the information we require to maintain your planting records accordingly is:

  • Original planting – variety
  • Original planting – rootstock
  • Original planting – planting date
  • Original planting – planting serial number allocated by Vinehealth
  • New details (planting) – variety
  • New details (planting) – reworking date

If you are a Register Kiosk user and have topworked, please contact Jo at Vinehealth Australia via email at admin@vinehealth.com.au or phone (08) 8273 0550 to provide this information directly instead. For any other assistance with the Vineyard Record Return please also get in touch.