South Australian vineyard owners have shared their thoughts on biosecurity threats, adoption of farm-gate hygiene practices, and barriers to improving the implementation of these practices. The results are published in the 2021 Vineyard Owner Survey Topline Report which was released today.

“We thank all vineyard owners who completed the survey. It is encouraging to see the upward trend in the adoption of farm-gate hygiene practices and also the higher response rate this year,” said Inca Lee, Vinehealth Australia CEO.

“The responses provide valuable information and insights that we will use to further improve our services, resources and operations to better support growers and help protect vineyards from biosecurity threats.”

Vinehealth Australia intends to share survey results broadly to ensure they are used to inform research and development activities, government policy, biosecurity extension activities, and the commercial development of solutions to support greater adoption of farm-gate hygiene practices.

Vinehealth Australia will also publish analysis of key findings as e-news articles over coming months to provide further insights into drivers and opportunities for improvement. 

Vinehealth Australia has created a 2021 Vineyard Owner Survey Topline Report which you can access here.