A number of Queensland fruit fly (Q-fly) outbreaks have been declared in South Australia’s Riverland by PIRSA, (refer table below) that overlap. For each outbreak, a 1.5 km Outbreak Area and a 15 km Suspension Area around each detection site have been setup, and an eradication program has commenced. Collectively the Outbreak Area and Suspension Area is known as the “Fruit Fly Affected Area”.

Berri13 March 202123 December 2021
Pike River6 March 202111 December 2021
Cooltong10 February 202111 May 202120 December 2021
Monash30 December 20205 January 202120 December 2021
Renmark West22 December 202011 May 202120 December 2021

For additional information from PIRSA relating to these Riverland fruit fly outbreaks, refer here.

To report suspected fruit fly phone the Fruit Fly Hotline: 1300 666 010.

Vinehealth Australia will no longer continue to produce updated Riverland Fruit Fly outbreak maps or advise industry of ongoing detections as of 21 April 2021, but will resume this activity in late 2021 in the lead up to the 2022 vintage.

For the latest PIRSA Market Access map of the Riverland Fruit Fly Outbreak Area, click here.
For the final Riverland Fruit Fly Outbreak Area map published by Vinehealth Australia on 20 April 2021 for vintage 2021, showing vineyards in relation to the outbreak and suspension areas at the time, click here.
Refer here for PIRSA’s address lookup maps and instructions for residents indicating three zones relating to different fruit and vegetable management in and around the fruit fly outbreak areas
Restrictions apply to growers, packers, retailers, wholesalers and residents located within the outbreak and suspension areas, and those transiting these areas, regarding the movement of fruit fly host produce. Wineries receiving fruit from the outbreak or suspension areas must also comply with requirements that are in place.
Refer here for Vinehealth’s current Biosecurity Bulletin for the Riverland describing movement controls relevant to the wine industry [last updated 22 Jan 2021].
If you are unsure if your property is in an Outbreak or Suspension Area, contact Vinehealth Australia.

*Note: your location relevant to a Fruit Fly Affected Area is based on the land parcel on which your business (vineyard or winery) is located. If part of your land parcel is inside a Fruit Fly Affected Area, your vineyard or winery is considered to be inside the Area.

An incident command centre has been established by PIRSA at the Loxton Research Centre in the Riverland and a dedicated number – 1800 255 556 – is available for industry queries.

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