Plant Health Australia (PHA) is seeking Non-Executive Directors to join the company.

To be part of a skills-based board and in line with specific requirements, candidates with skills and experience in one of the following areas are encouraged to apply:

  • Plant industry production, industry operations and marketing as it relates to Australian plant biosecurity;
  • Plant health policy and government policy processes, plant health management and international trends in plant health practices;
  • Strategic planning, business and financial management and economics; or
  • Corporate leadership.

Additionally, applicants with the following attributes will be considered favourably in the selection process: technology, commercial relationships, stakeholder engagement, commercialisation skills, business growth and development.

Focused on improving national biosecurity outcomes through partnerships for 21 years, PHA is a not-for-profit public company limited by a guarantee. The company is member based, comprised of the Australian Government, all State and Territory Governments, most major plant industries and a range of other industry partner organisations.

PHA works to enhance the commitment of governments and industries to work together, to enhance the operation and integrity of Australia’s plant pest emergency response arrangements and deliver improvements in biosecurity policy and practice to boost industry productivity, profitability and enhance market access.

Additional information is available on the Plant Health Australia website.