In light of the recent Queensland fruit fly outbreaks in Renmark West (declared on 22 December 2020) and Monash (declared on 30 December 2020), restrictions now apply to the movement of winegrapes within, out of and transiting through the outbreak and suspension areas.

These restrictions will still be in place until late March 2021, covering much of the harvest period.

Riverland Wine has organised two briefing sessions for winegrowers, wineries and those involved in the harvest and movement of winegrapes, where representatives from PIRSA will explain the movement requirements, including protocols and paperwork that must be complied with during the 2021 vintage:

  • Barmera Football Club: Thursday January 7 at 9:30am
  • Renmark Hotel Function Room: Thursday January 7 at 1:30pm

Riverland Wine has advised that RSVPs are not necessary to attend these briefings.

Further information:

  • Details explaining the movement restrictions and impacts resulting from the outbreak declarations are available on PIRSA’s website, including maps of the Renmark West and Monash outbreaks. 
  • For maps showing vineyards on Vinehealth’s Register within the Monash outbreak and suspension areas, click here and for the Renmark West outbreak, click here.
  • Click here for Vinehealth Australia’s Biosecurity Bulletin outlining movement requirements for the wine industry in the event of a Queensland fruit fly outbreak.
  • Dedicated phone number for industry – 1800 255 556 – to assist with any queries relating to compliance with movement requirements and for obtaining required documentation.