Vinehealth Australia recognises the important role that seasonal workers play in the ongoing sustainability of our grape and wine industry.

For many, English may be their non-preferred language and we’ve been told by vineyard owners that communication with workers can be difficult.

It’s important to talk to seasonal workers about your farm-gate hygiene expectations and how they can contribute to keeping our vineyards safe from pests and diseases.

To make that easier for you, we have a simple seasonal workers fact sheet that has been translated into six languages – Vietnamese, Urdu, Hindi, Thai, Dari and Malay. It details five key activities that a seasonal worker needs to do including:

  • What to do if the worker is coming directly from overseas;
  • What to do if the worker is coming from working in another vineyard in Australia;
  • What to do when moving between vineyards in Australia; and
  • What to do once at a vineyard.