As an addendum to the Biosecurity Alert posted on 23 Oct 2020 , we provide an update on Fall armyworm below.

Fall armyworm continues to spread in New South Wales, with additional detections in Dubbo, Breeza and Maitland.
For NSW grapegrowers: 
Please refer to resources being continuously updated on the NSW Department of Primary Industries website and NSW Local Land Services website.
Control options:
Should fall armyworm be present in vineyards, control options are available within the scope of normal pest control strategies. Refer here to AWRI’s ebulletin for information on available control options under permit for use in grape production.
Additional clarification on the notifiable status of Fall armyworm in the various states or territories:

  • New South Wales: Pest is notifiable as of the date of this alert, and must be reported within 1 working day. Find up-to-date information on reporting requirements and where to seek assistance here
  • Victoria: Pest not notifiable.
  • Tasmania: Pest not notifiable.
  • South Australia: Pest not notifiable.
  • Western Australia: Pest not notifiable.
  • Northern Territory: Pest not notifiable.
  • Queensland:  Pest not notifiable.

Despite the official status of Fall armyworm in the various states/territories above, where not notifiable, you are encouraged to report any unexpected symptoms in the field to the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline on 1800 084 881. This number will put you in touch with your state department of primary industries or agriculture.