For the first time, the Farm Biosecurity Program is supporting a Nuffield Scholarship for a primary producer to study a topic relevant to on-farm biosecurity.

There are 20 Nuffield Scholarships on offer this year, each valued at $30,000, including one Farm Biosecurity Nuffield Scholarship.

Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarships are a unique way for primary producers to participate in a life-changing experience, travel overseas to farming businesses in New Zealand, Europe, Asia and America and study an agricultural topic of choice.

Upon returning to Australia, scholars produce a written report and communicate the new knowledge and experience to their fellow scholars, farmers and others.

You don’t need academic qualifications to apply. Scholars are selected on merit, and are typically committed and passionate about farming, at the leading edge of technology uptake, and potential future leaders in their industry.

Applications for 2021 scholarships open until Friday 11 September. Initial interviews will be held in late September, and short-listed candidates will be interviewed in mid-October, with the Nuffield National Conference to be held in Brisbane on 26-27 October 2020. Travel commences in 2021, COVID-19 dependent.

For more information and to apply go to the Nuffield Australia website.