Our popular Seasonal Workers Fact Sheet is now available in Malay to complement our already extensive language set. We’ve now created seven different language versions: Malay, Vietnamese, Urdu, Hindi, Thai, Dari and English.

The fact sheet explains to workers that Australia is lucky not to have many of the pests and diseases that other countries deal with. We pride ourselves on keeping pests and diseases out.

The simple Seasonal Workers Fact Sheet is focused on the five most important farm-gate hygiene conversations to have upfront with seasonal workers, which are:

  1. If coming from overseas:
    • Do not wear shoes or clothing (including hats) that you have worn on farms or vineyards overseas.
    • Purchase new shoes and clothing in Australia or wear shoes and clothing provided by your employer or the vineyard owner.
    • Do not use any hand tools (for example, snips, shovels, knives) that you have used on farms or in vineyards overseas.
  2. If you have worked in a vineyard in Australia in the previous month:
    • Before you start work at the next vineyard, please advise your employer and the owner of the vineyard where you worked before.
    • NOTE: you may have worked in a vineyard that is a risk for phylloxera and your shoes, clothing, car tyres and hand tools may be contaminated.
  3. When you arrive at a vineyard to work, please listen to and follow any instructions given by your employer or the owner of the vineyard.
  4. Park your car away from vine rows and not on vineyard soil. Cars must be parked on gravel or on sealed roads or tracks. 
  5. Do not take away any grapes, shoots, leaves, canes or soil from a vineyard.

You can download and print copies of the fact sheets from the Vinehealth Australia website here.