If you’re trudging up and down vine rows this time of the year, or sitting atop a harvester or tractor with a great aerial view over the vineyard, keep a look out for any unusual pest and disease symptoms and report them.

In our November 2017 e-news, we introduced our eye-catching Exotics poster and accompanying documents to highlight discernible characteristics of 10 high priority plant pests and diseases not yet in Australia that affect grapevines, as well as two reportable endemic pests. This poster also provides contact numbers for who to call to report your finding.

  • We have produced a one pager to help you use the poster and accompanying documents here.
  • Click here to download the poster.
  • Click here to download a descriptive table which provides technical information on characteristic vine symptoms, impacts on vine growth and fruit quality and when to monitor.
  • Click here to download a world map showing where the pests and disease have been found to date.