If our August e-news is anything to go by, there is a lot happening at Vinehealth Australia, and generally in the biosecurity space.

You can get a clear understanding about Vinehealth Australia’s purpose and priorities by reading the Annual Report and the new Strategic Plan.

The Vinehealth Australia Strategic Plan is really a game-changer for the biosecurity sector – it’s a visionary plan that will shift the dynamic for biosecurity being viewed only as insurance against risk, to being an enabler for success.

What does that mean? Well, a robust biosecurity system will offer an authentic value proposition for Australian grapes and wine produced from a clean, green environment. This will assist in a range of areas such as enabling market access, export growth, inbound tourism and protecting the value of vineyards.

Of course, our focus also needs to be on the day-to-day protection of vines from pests and diseases that could harm our industry. The team at Vinehealth Australia is committed to ensuring farm-gate hygiene at vineyards and biosecurity knowledge of vineyard owners reaches a point where best practice biosecurity is the norm.

It was wonderful to see the article about our CEO Inca Pearce in the July/August issue of WBM – Australia’s Wine Business Magazine.

Over the past year since taking the reins, Inca has ‘turned the heat up’ on projects that will deliver practical solutions to growers. With her passionate team, she is producing a raft of tools to help you understand and implement robust biosecurity risk management measures.

It is important that we are visionary and vigilant in equal measure and to that end I commend the new Vinehealth Australia strategic plan and the work of our Board and Management in its leadership of this strategic and highly specialised area. I encourage you to get value and engage with Vinehealth Australia, a world-leading biosecurity agency.

Roseanne Healy
Chair, Vinehealth Australia