We’re going green at Vinehealth Australia, and moving towards a paperless environment. And as part of our commitment to minimising the amount of paper we’re printing and posting, we’ll be contacting you in coming weeks to ensure we have your best email address.

There are nearly 3,400 vineyard owners in South Australia. When we send out vineyard records from our Vineyard Register annually for vineyard owners to review and amend, we use close to 30 reams of paper. That’s not to mention the thousands of dollars in postage and labour to print and pack this information. And this is just one of the many communications we undertake each year.

“It’s unsustainable for Vinehealth to continue mailing hardcopies of all correspondence and information – it makes sense to transition to electronic distribution,” says Vinehealth Australia CEO Inca Pearce.

“On our vineyard register we have the mailing and contact details for all vineyards owners in SA, but unfortunately we don’t have email addresses for a significant proportion. We understand a small number of vineyard owners may prefer hard copy, however we’d like to minimise this number.”

In weeks to come, Vinehealth Australia will phone vineyard owners to source correct email addresses. “We need to ensure that the information we create gets to the right people in every business,” Inca says.

“And importantly, by transitioning our communications to electronic, we can invest the valued levies that vineyard owners pay Vinehealth directly into biosecurity activities, rather than in paper and postage.”

You can check and update your contact information at any time on Vinehealth’s Grape Industry Kiosk. Vineyard owners will also be receiving their vineyard record for review in the coming week, either by mail (if we don’t have an email for you) or by email, so you can check your details and send back amendments or make them yourself in the Kiosk. We strongly encourage you to do this by 3 March 2017.