Vinehealth Australia has announced an update of the ‘Footwear and small hand tool disinfestation’ protocol, in a media release on 23 January titled, ‘Call for improved farm-gate hygiene’.

This update has arisen through the recent completion of peer-reviewed research by Dr Kevin Powell, which has improved our understanding of how individual endemic phylloxera strains react to sodium hypochlorite – our traditional footbath disinfectant.

Now, footwear and small hand tools must be immersed for a minimum of 60 seconds in a 2% sodium hypochlorite solution, with no rinsing after immersion, to ensure disinfestation. Wine Australia continues to fund Dr Kevin Powell’s research on alternate disinfectants for footwear.

Vinehealth Australia advocates for a ‘clean in, clean out’ policy. Footwear and small hand tools must be cleaned of all soil and plant material prior to coming onto a property, then disinfested prior to entering vineyard rows. And you must clean and disinfest again before leaving a property.

Vinehealth Australia is continuing to work hard behind the scenes to support vineyard owners in their efforts to prevent the spread of pests and diseases during vintage and beyond.

As part of our commitment to communication of vital biosecurity information, we’ll be posting all vineyard owners a printed copy of the poster for you to put up in your shed or office. You can print additional copies for your workplace here: