Exotic Pests and Diseases to Australia

It is vital that Australia is adequately prepared to respond to an incursion of an exotic plant pest or disease. This response relies heavily on growers (and the general public) identifying something unusual and reporting it straight away.

To help in this identification, Vinehealth Australia has produced a poster called, “If You Spot Me, Report Me”. This poster presents key exotic pests to Australian viticulture, identified through the development of the Viticulture Industry Biosecurity Plan (IBP).

Click on each of the exotic plant pests and disease below for technical information provided largely by Plant Health Australia.


Xylella fastidiosa and Pierce’s Disease

  • Xylella is Australia’s No. 1 unwanted plant pest
  • Xylella infection in grapevines is called Pierce’s Disease
  • Click here for the Xylella fastidiosa factsheet
  • Click here for the Pierce’s Disease factsheet

Glassy-winged sharpshooter

  • Highly efficient vector of the exotic bacterium Xylella fastidiosa, which causes Pierce’s disease.
  • Click here for the Glassy-winged sharpshooter factsheet

 Spotted-winged drosophila

Black rot

Click here for the Black rot factsheet

Grapevine leaf rust 

Click here for the Grapevine leaf rust factsheet

Grapevine red blotch virus

Click here for the grapevine red blotch virus factsheet

Angular leaf scorch and Rotbrenner

Click here for the Angular leaf scorch and Rotbrenner factsheet

Bacterial blight of grapevine

Click here for the Bacterial blight of grapevine factsheet

Vine and Grape mealybug

Click here for the Vine and grape mealybug factsheet

European Grapevine Moth and American Berry Moth

  • Click here for the Grape berry moths factsheet
  • Read about the European Grapevine Moth eradication efforts in California here.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Click here for the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug factsheet

Read more from alerts:

  • Refer here for Vinehealth Australia’s Biosecurity Alert on 26 May 2017
  • Refer here for Australian Vignerons’ Alert on 14 December 2017

Grapevine Pinot Gris Virus

Click here for the GPGV factsheet

Additional information can be found in Vinehealth Australia’s Biosecurity alerts: