Vinehealth Australia has produced a series of eye-catching posters for growers to improve biosecurity knowledge on a range of topics as follows:

General farm-gate hygiene

Footwear and small hand tool disinfestation protocol (updated Dec 17)

For further information on the published research undertaken which led to the change in the Footwear and Small Hand Tools Disinfestation Protocol reflected in the above posters, click here.

High Priority exotic/reportable endemic plant pests and diseases to Australia

(Pests and diseases presented in the poster below are sourced from the Biosecurity Manual for the Viticulture Industry V1.0 Copyright Plant Health Australia 2013)

To accompany this poster, you may also be interested in:

  • a world map showing the location of the pests in the poster;

  • a descriptive table outlining characteristic symptoms, vine impact, when to monitor and what plant part is affected; and