Biosecurity in Practice

Vinehealth Australia is working hard to empower growers to better protect themselves from a pest or disease incursion through improved knowledge and management practices, underpinned by latest research.

  • What should best practice biosecurity management look like for you? Click here to find out more. Help us to spread the word by hanging one of our eye-catching posters. Review your readiness to host visitors here.
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  • Are you familiar for example, with the legal requirements for moving used machinery and equipment between states and the risks of these movements potentially leading to a phylloxera infestation? We have developed tools that can help you.
  • Looking for the latest phylloxera zones map, or to find out which GI a vineyard is in, or maybe which rootstocks or varieties are grown in your area? For all things map-related, click here.
  • Need help understanding which rootstock might be best for your situation? Click here for further information.
  • Looking for annual information by grape growing region on plantings, or tonnes harvested, or price paid per tonne? The South Australian Winegrape Crush Survey might be for you.
  • Interested to know how other operators practise biosecurity management? Click here to find out more.
  • For information you may not know about South Australia’s vineyard holdings, click here.
  • Having issues with abandoned vineyards? Click here for more information.
  • We have a range of materials including brochures, books and stickers available. Please call our office if you are interested in finding out more.